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Made in Italy

Blu Lie Vodka Italiana is a 100% Italian Premium Vodka that captures the purity of the karst spring water, the freshness of the Mediterranean grain, the strength of Trieste’s bora and the Italian distinctive craftsmanship to preserve them into a uniquely shaped transparent bottle.

Unique Design


Exceptional Liquid
Iinspired by the Sea

Shaped by the Mediterranean waves, by Trieste’s katabatic wind and by the city’s different cultural influences that made it a symbol of cosmopolitan blending, our bottle is the fruit of the creativity of Luca Nichetto, Internationally renowned Italian designer.

Inspired by the sea, the beautiful lines and the hand drawn logo champion our country’s artistry and craftsmanship, while reminding us that Blu Lie Vodka Italiana has all the charm of the lies of the sea, keeping wonderful secrets and constantly evolving, like our elegant liquid when mixed by the creative talent of modern mixologists.

A little secret...try to look through the bottle: thanks to the beautiful curve, you will have the sensation of keeping your eyes wide open under water.

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vodka italiana
Sophisticated Production
Discover the flavours of Blu Lie Vodka Italiana

An elegant premium vodka made exclusively from 100% Italian natural ingredients:


a sophisticated combination of spring water from Val Rosandra, 100% finest selection of wheat and high quality alcohol give life to an exceptional 0.1% sugar liquid that embodies the beauty of our country ad that was awarded during the 2019 Vodka Masters by The Spirits Business with the highest recognition: the Master Medal in the Super Premium category.

The bottle's transparency enhances the extreme purity of the liquid, which tells us an innocent lie: when tasted, Blu Lie Vodka Italiana’s smoothness hides its 40% ABV and provides a beautifully light drinking experience.

An exceptionally sophisticated production process

Crafted and bottled in the North of Italy under strict quality standards, Blu Lie Vodka Italiana is a fine spirit that goes through a triple distillation and a 3-step purifying and refinement process, that guarantees a clear color, an earthy yet gentle perfume of freshly harvested grain, and an elegant flavor, with a velvety and balsamic finish.

Versatile Flavour
Award Winning Vodka
Master 2019.png

Blu Lie Vodka Italiana is Internationally recognized.


Year after year we are confirmed as a future point of reference for 100%, made in Italy, super premium spirits

A versatile flavour profile

Clear colour, light nose of grain with floral hints, delicate palate, both the aromas and the flavours open to a long smooth and silky textured mouthfeel.


Crisp, natural and clean, Blu Lie Vodka Italiana’s beautiful consistency allows it to be enjoyed neat, as a fine food companion, or mixed in the most creative cocktail recipes.

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